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Learn Design Psychology To Enhance Your Home or Office
or Enjoy a Fun and Innovative Career in Design

Design Psychology Coaching is the seamless blend of life coaching, interior design and environmental psychology

Become a Certified Design Psychology Coach


The study of Design Psychology is the perfect complement to your existing design, feng shui, professional organizing, or coaching business!

The Spencer Institute’s Design Psychology Coach Certification Course is for the career-oriented person in the coaching, psychology and design fields. Special emphasis is placed on teaching you not only the science of design psychology, but the application and highly successful business models as well. We want to help you create a thriving coaching and consulting career. The Design Psychology Coaching program explores in-depth psychological aspects of design, color therapy, environmental factors leading to your client’s successes or set backs. In addition, you will learn how to offer design psychology coaching for commercial projects such as resorts and hotels, restaurants, hospitals, shopping centers, office complexes, and salons.

Throughout your studies in Design psychology Coaching, you will learn the following:

Understanding principles of Design Psychology Coaching – how to translate your clients wants and needs.

Learn the step-by-step Design Psychology Model including:

  • Haven Creation
  • Feeling, Form, Function and Flow
  • Color Therapydesign psychology programs
  • Light Therapy
  • How to apply design psychology to your current coaching, design or psychology practice

"I look forward to teaching you how to have a thriving career as a Certified Design Psychology Coach. Regardless of your current area of expertise, learning these essential skills will take your coaching and consulting business to the next level. No matter how you coach people now, offering design psychology coaching (or just having these high level skills) will make you a better coach."

- Kelli Ellis


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